Friday, February 11, 2011

I am not a racist .

I am not a racist , I am not a good muslim . But I believe that everything happens for a reason . And the reason is all because of Allah . Allah sayangkan semua umatnya . Maka dengan itu pelbagai undang undang serta tatacara kehidupan diberi . Actually we Muslims should be grateful that we have Al-Quran to guide us to better life . I'm not good at this , I certainly don't have much knowledge on this . But I really believed that whatever that have been stated in the Al-Quran is good for us . And it is to protect us , to make us a better person .

For instance , the worshipping and celebrating and woo-hoo-ing over Valentine's Day . When I was younger , I was one of the people who are obsessed with Valentine's Day . I find it exciting to celebrate it . I really thought it was cool . But as I grow up , I learn that it is a wrong thing to do . And as Muslim I shouldn't be celebrating it , or be over-joy . And I should be thankful that I have so many great teachers and awesome mom to guide me . I've been in a relationship before , and always look forward to celebrate Valentine's Day . Then I start to seek info on whats so cool about VD actually ? And why do everybody go crazy just because of it . The sales of red roses starts to boom , as well as the price . Necklaces are all sold out , and on the day itself , two peoples are holding hands , lovebirds everywhere .

Sometimes I just dont get it , kenapa orang yang don't have the knowledge about who is Valentine and whats Valentine's Day ? Do they celebrate it just to fit in and to be COOL ? That is so wrong , so kindergarten I tell you . And and , like I said , Im not a racist . But I really don't like it when other races makes a bias statement when the Muslims banned VD . This does not apply to them , so why do they want to comment on it . I am really sorry for writing such a sensitive issue . Incase my chinese and indian friends are reading this , I am truly sorry . Please accept my sincere apology . I am not pointing my finger to the races but to certain people . Please do not misunderstand or misinterpret . But I believe that other races should respect the Muslims . We dont celebrate VD because there's no such thing in Islam . And Malaysians , celebrating VD is not our norms okayy .

There are good and logic explanation to why we shouldnt be celebrating VD . Try to think wisely and deeply , push the "it's fun. it's so cool , dont y'know? it's trend" away . Try to put yourself in your parent's shoe .

  1. As a parents to a girl, do you like it when you girl loses her virginity ? *teens , i know you would deny this* You sendiri imagine how would you parents react when few months after VD , they discover you big tummy ? You may not have the intention of having sex , but  VD will lead you to it .
  2. It is against our religion's practice . Again , I dont have much knowledge about religions , but I strongly believe that every religions taught us to be a good person . Well that doesnt mean people who dont have pre-marital sex is a good person , perfect from head to toe . But I think , the other religions doesnt approve pre-marital sex as well .
  3. Hello , VD is sooo not MALAYSIAN . we are not used to this kind of celebration , it is not in our culture and norms . So why are following the "mat salleh" . One thing I noticed about M'sians , we tend to forget our roots and we REALLY LIKE "THUMBS UP" outsiders norms , culture and behaviour and way of living . M'SIANS , please be ourself. 
  4. Lots of problem will arise . Boys will run out of money , end up stealing money . Girls would fight over boys . Girls will fight among themselves about the present they get , how romantice their boyfriend are , and so . 

Lots of people out there will say that VD is an important day , everybody finally shows their love and affection to others on that day . LOL ! This is funny ? There's no specific day to show somebody how much you love or appreciate them . There's no specific day where red roses , Godiva chocolates , Thomas Sabo charm bracelet and Harry Winston necklaces are up for grab , are only available on that particular day , a total must have on that day . Nahh , no such thing . They open and are available for 365 days *unless that item are sold out* . 

I really need not to explain longer , everybody knows , wise people could think , unwise people couldn't do the thinking . It's okayy , everybody have their own perception . I dont blame you if you don't want to think the way I do , I'm saying this to give others the consequences and probability of the celebration . And I am against the celebration 100% , not because I don't have any boyfriend that could buy me jewellery , buy me expensive exclusive dinner , but it is against my religion, I want to protect my virginity , protect my family's pride , and it is not part of my culture . 

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