Monday, January 24, 2011

pink sunday

This isn't about the pink ribbon or pinky toes or pinky lips but pinky hair who goes black once in a while . I'm talking about Alecia Beth Moore better known by her stage name Pink which was actually spell as " P!NK " . I was online almost half of the day . Facebook-ing , google-ing for blog template , twitter-ing , youtube-ing . After listening to I whip my hair back forth " whip it real good" over and over again . I scroll down the suggestion and saw several P!NK songs . So , I simply give it a click . First song was , There You Go . It's one of her earliest song . Even I know her through that song . 

It was one of my favourite . The beat is pretty catchy . Love the lyric as well . Right after that I changed to Stupid Girls . The music video is really funny but it's partly a fact . I used to sing this song during my schooling days . Because you can see that there are different types of girl , some are stupid some are smart . There's a total different meaning between the two word . People who are really smart but has terrible social status is considered as stupid , and sometimes are called geeks . While people who are not intelligent at all are called smart because of their physical . The definition are pretty much the same to most people . 

"Maybe if I act like that, 
flipping my blonde hair back
Push up my bra like that, 
I don't wanna be a stupid girl"

I never want to be a stupid girl . Better be a geek rather than an idiot . 

Another song from P!nk as well . I like the song ,I dislike the music video . Especially the naked-cover-me-with-petals . I think they are much better without having to run naked .  Nothing much about that song . What I like about P!NK's song is that it's different from all her song . And she tries to tell the world the truth , from her own perspective but somehow she sometimes express it in a little harsh way . But it gets to your heart mind easier . 

This is my all time favourite . It is a new song from P!NK , Fuckin Perfect . This song have two version . One if Censored and another one is uncensored version.

And anyway , that's all for now . I hope you enjoy my choice of P!Nk's songs . More videos on 

Thank You .

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