Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ingin putus saja , sudah tak bisa . "eh eh , menyanyi sudah."

Tajuk kemain panjang , content hampesh . Just nak post video yang I found on youtube .
 Lagu Ingin Putus Saja by Gamaliel Audrey Cantika . Sedap sangat lagu ni . Cant stop playing it . And I cant stop from looking for other videos yang ada lagu ini . 

This is the original lyric video , by gamal . 

This one is live show . 

Suara Audrey macam a little semput , maybe sebab dorang keep on dancing . Kalau tak menari , it would be boringg kan .  Tapi Gamal punya stamina still tiptop . 

While this one is during some showcase . 

Sangat adore suara Cantika . Sedap sangat , If her voice is a chocolate . I'll be fat boy then . 
Urrr that sounds so wrong -.-' , sigh . 

Love the way they sing , their song , their voice and stuff , love what they're wearing as well . Sangat cute . and btw , I sangat like outfit si Gamal masa live show tu . Smart sangat and the hair do suits him well . Let's hope they berjaya to achieve whatever they want . And fyi , they started singing dalam youtube je . And one of the top video was a video of them singing Just Dance by Lady Gaga . Be sure to google them as well as listen to them , either from my post or . Anyway , I've their song on my Music Player :) 

*Saja kelam kelam* 

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