Wednesday, January 26, 2011

i dont like this trashy feeling im feeling .

This aint a big deal . Im not fussing or going crazy over it . Its just I felt like a trash as my title says "I dont like this trashy feeling im feeling" . We were together since I was still in form 3 . Everything went smoothly . But it's always me who have this "sticking" problem . I admit that I was a bad girlfriend but haven't I make you the happiest boy ever ? Like you told me ? 

My bad for ditching you few times . My bad for taking control of everything . But it's your choice to go with my flow . You made me choose to do whatever I want . Though this might sound a little silly , but I really liked you , like really love you . And somehow I felt those 10months I spent with you was just a waste of time . Felt like being punished by you for what had happened between us before that . Not my fault when I dislike you for being so shy .

When we were together , ada je problem and sometimes I wonder why . There's one time when your mom tried to break us up . One of the reason was I'm wasting your time . Your money and all . You were the golden boyy . You're the only son , the greatest and bla bla blaaa . So everybody were expecting the best from you eventhough youre not that great . Really . 

Eishhh geram nya ! Selalu kena macam macam . All sort of weird test . Like , whyyy ? Okayy lah kalau bukan jodoh . Break normally sudah lah . And and , the way you cakap and act with your current girlfriend as if I was a total hell . Entah lah , kau cakap lah apa kau suka . Letih betul . Hampir all my relationships doesnt work out sebab family tak berapa approve . As if aku jahat sangat . Doinkk . Maybe it's the way God trying to break us apart so I could find a better person . Cut the crap sheriza kamal . Don't let boys be an insects , keeps you running away , and not focussing . How are you going to buy all your stuff if you were playing all the time and not studying SHERIZA ? Once you finish your study , your parents won't give you even a penny . You have to work for it . Ohh man , life is hard T_T . Hopefully , I'll be what I want , get what I want . 

* tiba tiba lepas marah cakap perkara yang off the topic . Selalu pun mcm tu -.-'

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