Sunday, January 30, 2011

breathe in breathe out

You know , I used to think that we breathe to live . It is breathe to live . But we also breathe to calm down . To chill , to ease the pain A LITTLE , to relax , to this to that and to all . KETAM . I had a terrible Friday . Knowing that my assignment was rejected before further evaluation . At that particular moment , when I opened my Windows Media Player and play her our 5minutes of marks-less video , I felt like a kid with hideous drawing . It wasnt our best , Im sure ! It wasnt the best . Well-planned but wasnt well-done . I dont want to say that I wish for more time because we had more than enough . I wouldnt want to say that we dont have enough crew either . I dont know where's our fault . Felt a little pathetic . Trying to explain something that is too common , plain and boring . Explaining lame excuses . I pity my madam , for being my lecturer . For listening to what I have to say .

To be a nice person is not as easy as what the elderly says eventhough they have been through what we're going through right now . To take care of every living person's feeling is hard , as hard as trying to suck out snake's venom out of your leg . I have to do what I have to do , I have to be fair and teach somebody a lesson . This isnt  SMK , this is U . A single alphabet , no longer three . You can't be a kid , or expect people to spoonfeed you with everything . I wonder , when you first met a boy , you will surely make a move too , at that time , did your parents taught you how to flirt ? I think it's a NO . Why cant you do the same now ?

It is hard to work with people who doesnt know about his/her priority . I am not you , you are not me . I care for my marks because soon , I'm gonna find myself a good job and pay for my college fees . Because its not free and my parents arent paying for my college fees like your parents . Now I know why are you being so ungrateful .

Since the assignment was a disaster . WE are going to construct a new plan , hopefully it would work out this time . To this particular person , if you happen to read my blog . Please take note that Im not a mean , cold-hearted person . I am nice , but I take my assignments and college task seriously because I pay for it . Im a nice friend , but not a nice co-worker . Im sorry for dropping you out . But we're trying to finish this thing as soon as possible . Tagging you along is very risky . So sorry . If you were me , you would understand . But the thing is you're not me , because if you're me , you wouldnt do this .

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