Thursday, December 9, 2010

the undescribable weekend .

As you all know , I had a terrible weekend , but I cant say its totallly terrible because its not that bad . Thanks to my girlfriends . Well I did hang out with Johann after he went back from his exchange programme thing . Let's not talk about that , because nothing is interesting and I choose not to remember or think about it . So, I hangout with Ah Bui , Ada , Moon , Aidot , Wadud , Namie , Miera , Dyana , Baiti and urm the rest . Whoever I hangout with lah , sorry if I didnt mention the names , couldnt remember who else -.-'

Had a wonderful time , okayy really mean it !

Here are some photos .

my fav place 


ada and bui 

the breakfast menu -.-'

fav <3 


aidot moonot 



mad people

liyana fara and urm kak mala kot. haha

johann *shy* -.-' 

so happy got the freebies 
lucky balls for lucky draw 

in the car 

kak wan , johann's friend . 

with kak wan 
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