Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Am liking Sia like freaking bad now . She is awesome . More than words could say , Her music is fresh and sensational . She's a singer from Aussie. Her genre is dance-pop, soul jazz, acid jazz and trip hop .
She's on VEVO youtube too . Well apparently she had so many songs , and Im posting only one because I find that the video clip is as interesting as the song is .

Take a short break and listen to her songs , I never knew her before . Her first song that I listened and downloaded was Im in here . Its not a sad song , I mean it is . You know it by the meaning , but it also expressing someone desperation to be noticed and how a person is in need of someone to come and be with her , how she suffered . Well , how I suffer now . But yeah thats not the point .

The point is , she's so cool , and I love her like mad . Give her a try :)

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