Monday, December 20, 2010

nak macam ni boleh ?

Sangat suka tengok ending Eiffel I'm In Love . Bukan because of the kissing part . That one is too common dy , tak heran sangat . But for the sweetest words and expressions . There are several parts yang jadi my favourite . Well if I want to tell it in detail , I might as well right a book or maybe produce another movie based on my understanding .

Anyhow what I liked the most is when Tita tried to speak french , and Adit , express his feelings in french too . And he actually lied to her because he had always want her . Which is weird , because no guys can be sure of what or who he wants . Its like guys cant make that kinda decision , and keep it .

Ive been watching this since the past two night . Just cant stop watching it . And finally , last night , I cried , my lungs out . I just want to cry , no particular reason . I just need to let it all out . After watching few parts and listening to some of Imran Ajmain's songs I managed to cry and I feel good , real good .

I envy this girl in the movie , not because she got kissed by the handsome Samuel Rizal , but at least she must've felt loved by him . I sound so pathetic and desperate kan . But recently taktaw kenapa , I miss the feeling being loved , being missed , being cared , being everything by someone who likes me and I liked too . I wonder how does it feel to held someone hands . Will that hand warms me up whenever I feel cold . Someone to cheer me up whenever I feel sad , not really . I have my friends so far , theyre always with me , like all the time , so I'll always have someone to talk to . But urm I'd like to have someone who is "special" , a person who I can tell secrets to, secrets that no friend can know .

Just like the old time . Maybe God the doesnt want me to drift away from my goal/matlamat . I shouldve just focus on whatever Im doing , but I thought of it sometimes only . Not all the time . Im better off alone , at least I dont have to give a brief or detailed report to a officer about what Im doing at that hour . hee hee , thats the best part of being single .

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