Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Impian malam ini

Well the photo is a little kurang ajar , but thats what I want for tonight , I mean not only to be skinny tonight , I want to be skinny on any other day . Everyday . I need to get back my shape . Im super desperate but Im not gonna do anything stupid , trust me . Im gonna start jogging AGAIN , even if I have to go on my own , alone I mean . If my sister is freaking busy , thats her problem . All I know now is my need to be skinny . 

Im not doing this for anybody , Im not doing this to get boyfriends and BE available . Im not doing this to look hot . Im not doing this to be sexy . 

Im doing this for myself . Im doing this for my health . Im doing this to boost my confidence . Im doing this to look good . Im doing this to feel good . Im doing this so that I could wear whatever I want *most prolly decent clothes* . Im doing this to get fit . Im doing this to be energetic and active . Im doing this so that I would have the chance to be the person I want to be . Im doing this to get what I've been dreaming of .

Please please dont let anything come my way , I need to cut a lot of kilos . Like seriously . I want to be like this once again . 

Please let me have that bods again T_T 

Goodnight :) 

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