Sunday, November 7, 2010

Megafunny Megamind

Maaf sejuta kali maaf , lupa nak update pasal movie yang I baru sahaja tonton . Awesome weh cerita ini . Okayy sebenarnya I memang kurang minat cerita kartun , I mean cerita yang anime or cerita yang bukan dilakonkan oleh a real person , so macam kartun lah kan , tapi yang ini is exceptional . Its fantastic .

Okayy basically its about this two alien , urm if a "person" came from an outerspace , that means that its an alien right ? Back to Megamind , Its about this two alien , competing to get a better life , but one of them had a great life and another one was treated poorly .

Metroman and Megamind , they were from differet planet if Im not mistaken . Then Metroman found a rich man's house , while Megamind fell into prison , so Megamind spent his time at the prison .

And then Megamind managed to escape , it was the day that Metrocity is about to launch the Metroman's museum . Thats how the story starts . Megamind destroyed Metroman , and he soon find himself bored because nobody is up to challenge him , as he is tired of being MR.NICE . Then he creates something for his own good , and finds out that it was his biggest mistake . Couldnt tell more or it wont be exciting anymore . For those who havent watch this movie , you better go because its a movie that wont make you stop from laughing .

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