Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Heyy ex boyfriend .

Ive been sleeping kinda late lately , I just couldnt sleep . So , I tried this formula on how to sleep well and be happy LOL . I was thinking of my ex-es . Its a stupid thing to do , but I wasnt sad . YEAY for me , its a funny thing to do . I suddenly thought of how did we actually met , did we ever go out , or do couple stuff together like movies or some sort of things , and if I could remember what did we talked about . It is ridiculous to do such things , and technically everybody would say that I havent move on and I need to check in into a rehab . So not true .

I was in a very calm state of mind , I was unbelievably sober . Think through everybits without any regret . Amazing isnt it ? It was lovely , for real. Hard to believe that I said this :D hee hee . Good job :P

Okayyy how we met ? At my previous tuition place , I was 15 at that time , dont know much . If you asked me if I believe in love at first sight , I would give you a definite yes . I do believe in love at first sight , because it happens to me , and it turned out to be awfuly great . We didnt really had the chance to know each other for a long time , he was in rush and I dont want to lose my catch . So , we proceed to the next level in a hurry , but again , nothing to regret of .

He was a shuffler , and itssss suppperrrr cool to have a boyfriend who shuffles . It was totally "in" at that time , now I feel like an idiot . So , I was proud to have him . Handsome , smart , shuffler , rich , whatelse should I ask for ? He was completely perfect , but too bad I wasnt that perfect . Was a little chubby , a little smart , definitely not that rich , not a shuffler , not that pretty . I bet I was his biggest mistake , but he said Im his sunshine , more than what he would ever wanted. So I was a little grateful , wait , not a little . Damn grateful :)

Our parents finally knew about us . He was the first boyfriend that I told my mom , too bad mom doesnt really like him because of his root . Mom said he was a liar , he gotta be a liar . But I argued , I protected him , I said no , he is nothing close to that . But guess mom's right . She's always right .

He's a chicken , he dont have the guts to face me and break my heart and walk off . He rejected my calls , ignored my text message , quit tuition and jumped into other tuition and left me just like that , hungover , waiting for an answer . Finally he answered me , lame excuses for sure . What would he say to not break my heart . He told me that he needed time to focus on his study because PMR is around the corner . LAUGH OUT LOUD .

PMR is sooooo far away MISTER . But yeah whatever , he has the right to say whatever he want . I cant say anything else , but I do deserve an explanation . He told me that we'd get back together after PMR . The person who waits for this kinda person is a dumb-ass . Guess Im a dumb-ass . I waited for him PATIENTLY . But I didnt wait for him with empty hands . I flirt around , hook up with guys after him . I find that he's not "fullstop" . He is just a "comma" . So , I met few people while still waiting for him to fulfill his promises though he didnt . But I wasnt regreting anything or feel totally dissapointed/devastated/sad you name it . I continue my life like normal . Like nothing had happened :)

I think I knew why he gave me that reason , he dont want me to have a hard time hating him . Because Im not hating him at all . Isnt it amazing ? I hate my other ex-es because they sucks , but I dont hate this guy , i might never hate him , because he's awesome :) But that doesnt mean that I havent moved on and still hung up on him . Nahh I've moved on , like I said , he is just a "comma" to my storyy , my life wont stop when we ended .

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