Friday, November 5, 2010


Last Friday , masa Deepavali we all went to Empire :)
WEE HEE . Empire = MAKAN = EMPIRE . Why Empire ? Because its a new place and we've never been there yet . AND AND there's CHILIS :D Besides , Mom wanted to buy bread from THE LOAF for Aunty Na , Because currently she couldnt have rice .

And so I drove mom and sis to Empire , that place is UH-mazingggg . We can see that its awfully big , mainly because its attached to it Empire Hotel . It is in the same building if Im not mistaken . The carpark is spacious but too bad , it was super full . Well , Its public holiday , cant blame it on anyone . Everybody is out to have fun , and it was around 1 o'clock . Lunch-iesss . So we went up to Chilis with amaze-face . Then my sister was like torn in two . Italiannies or Chilis . Because both is superb and heavenly delicious. But then mom said we came here for Chilis , not Italiannies . We'll haveit next time , so Chilis is where we ended .

Then we head for the non-smoking section , somewhere more private and closed hee hee . I was like freaking hungry as soon as I sees the menu . And so we scan through the menu , thinking off the right meal to eat at that time , I was super hungry because I skipped my breakfast. Yes I woke up late AGAIN .

And then we ordered Skillet Queso , Southwestern Grilled Lamb , Fire Grilled Chicken & Portobello , Bottomless Guava & Manggo Juice .

Skillet Queso was the first thing that we had , like yeah , its Appertizer . Ofcourse its the first one to come . LOL Nwayyy , What we love about this Skillet Queso , it is basically some kind of gravy , which are made off CHEEESE and seasoned beef. Its alot of CHEEESSEEEEE , veryyy CHEEESYYYY , It comes with Tostada Chips & Salsa Sauce . Totally refillable .

Really couldnt say no to this yummy starter . Its very thick , so its very satisfying , A total must have when youre at Chilis .

For main meal , Im having Fire-Grilled Chicken & Portobello . The mushroom is irresistable . It suits the gravy . How can I not love this dish when my heart belongs to mushroom T_T .

Anyway , this is Fire-Grilled Chicken & Portobello .

It is chicken breast , marinated and grilled with lots of peppers on it . But it doesnt taste to peppery . Superb . Served with mashed potato with a little cheddar and ham on top , and broccoli . What makes the mash potato my favourite is it isnt fully mashed , by which , it has its own textures . And the cheddar gives it a little cheesy taste . Makes it even better .

And sister had her Southwestern Grilled Lamb , our first lamb . Taste absolutely lamb-able .

We never had lamb before because mom doesnt like LAMB, so technically we thought it taste bad . But this one is exception . It is well done . We like it well done , rather than rare or medium . I hate meat with fleshy redness . It looks too scary to be eaten . This is served with mashed potato and broccoli too .

So overall , I rate today's meal as 7 out of 10 . It wasnt bad , but it wasnt that satisfying . I dont know why , but maybe this outlet doesnt have the best cook like the one in Midvalley , that one is ultimately superb . Amazing , no words can describe it best . Be sure to try it , you wont regret it .

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