Thursday, November 4, 2010

Achy achy tummy achy ,

My tummy is in no good condition , damn painful . Theres 2 major reason that leads to bad tummy condition this morning .

First is because I drank the "apple + oat + fibre drink" which basically taste exactly like spirulina . Im pretty sure theres a different between both stuff . My dad brought it home yesterday , and it cost RM75 , for 15 sachet . To be drink everynight before sleep -.-'

Second is because of my mom's Fried Kuey Tiaow . It was a little spicy but since I ate in the morning like freaking morning , it freaks my tummy up . Poor little tummy . Mom put TWO sachet of Domino's Chilli Flakes T_T . My tummy is crying for real .

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