Saturday, November 20, 2010


Moon is having a barbecue party tonight . At her place . Im not sure if I was invited . But well she told me few weeks ago that she's doing it . Was supposed to do it last week when I came back . But since Namie had her runway thing , so it wasnt held last weekend .

And I went back to Shah Alam already on Sunday . Well , I dont care much about eating it , but all I want is to have fun with the girls . Im starting to sound so pathetic.

I miss em much , but do they ? Hurm I dont know . I just dont want to think much . New Semester is up , and I really want to focus and get on the Dean's List again , so I would get a scholarship while doing my degree later on . So , I gotta clear up my mind. I dont want to be in misery anymore . Im tired of it , and life's game . Im not up for it anymore . I just want to live in peace and harmony and only think of myself and my study and to succeed and to be who I want to be .

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