Friday, November 26, 2010

Bad bad love .

Im so addicted to this korean drama called Bad love/Mistake-of-love/Screwed-up-love/Cruel love . On Kbs World its known as Cruel love . Its a sad drama . Really sad . I cried almost on every episode of it . It is on air every Monday to Friday , 10.10pm right after Sungkyunkwan Scandal .

It is about a girl named Na Injung , who accidentally fell for this guy named Suhwan . Suhwan is a married man , but she doesnt know that . She was so in love with him . And she got pregnant , and she got miscarriaged when she got attacked by Suhwan's wife after she discovered that her husband had an affair with Injung .

Injung then ran away to a village with her terrible heart break . She then met Yonggi . They fell in love after a while . Few months later she discovered that Yonggi is actually her ex-lover's brother in law. Thats when things got harder and complicated for her . She got rid of her past a little , and trying to erase everything , and so does Yonggi , who suffered after the death of her unapproved ex-girlfriend .

Injung soon found herself in terrible misery and she is so scared of Yonggi's sister . And she thinks that its her punishment , she deserve it . Later on Yonggi found out about Injung and Suhwan from Suhwan after he saw Suhwan hugging her . He was about to leave her til he got the news that her father just passed away . So he came back for Injung . But she decided to leave him , and tried to ran away , while Yonggi kept chasing her , and Yonggi then met with an accident .

The story stops there , because I only watched it til episode 6 or 7 . I dont know . Actually you cant watch it on Mysoju. But since the past few days , I just cant watch it . There's some sort of error going on . Erghh , its so stressful , now I gotta wait til Monday for the next episode .

One of the hero is Kwon Sang Woo , my boyfriend :)

This is the drama poster .

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