Sunday, August 1, 2010

Shoes and partners

Looking for perfect shoes that fit your feet nicely is like looking for the perfect guy who can suits you . In order to look for a super perfect shoes, you gotta be sure of your size, your lifestyle, your needs, your budgets and everything that matters when it comes to shoes . So do finding the guy for yourself. The choice is in your hand. Love is unconditional, I know but sometimes it can be fight or avoid, if we want to.

You have to find the guy that suits your lifestyle , the way you think . Im not telling you that you gotta be choosy, but whats the point of having a troublesome relationship ? I hate that rocky road ride relationship. Isnt it better to find the semi-perfect "catch of the life" ? I know its too young to say about finding the catch of the life. But nothing is too late or too early. You'll know it when you try the classic Carvella leather flats. When you slip on the nice soft Tods loafers , you might feel bored when you kept wearing it when you supposed to switch it to Christian Loubutin Bibi Suede Platform Pumps .

I love it when theres a slight changes in the relationship. I hate the same old same old games and tricks. Well as for me , I can never find my perfect shoes. To be honest , I definitely love shoes more than guys . Shoes wont betray me, the least that they do is maybe give me a cracked heel and tired feet. The rest, no problemo ! It did a very good job , all the time :)

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