Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hello blog

Its been a while since I update my blog , well my previous post was a bit too harsh but I was raging mad . So many things happened this few days and months . Wasnt anything big but still , its something that I gotta deal with a lot of patient .

Okayy whatever about that . Im all good now . Having few quality friends around . I bet its time to be picky. Yeah I will .

Sat for few mid terms exam last week , PFFFTT it was freaking hard weh . Luckily Sir Hasni had postponed our mid term to 1st Sept, I have more time to study and prepare .

Nway , its Ramadhan already. Raya is coming soon , wasnt hoping much for Raya . Its gonna be lesser than ever , we dont have much time to prepare for anything big. Imma be in Ipoh one or two days before Raya and will go back to Shah Alam with sis on the second raya . She cant leave her Bacteria starving . So , I got no choice but to keep her accompany . Really hope that I could spend some quality time with my Ipohmates .

Im actually sad because I hope I could stay a little bit longer in Ipoh . Im okayy with the plans because I thought Im gonna be in Ipoh now for midterm break, but mom said we cant leave sister alone . Hurmm , again another sacrifice to make .

I need to see my old friends and let everything out. I must admit that Im not happy here though I smile and laugh . It seems like Im having fun , but Im not having any fun here. I cant suit myself with this people's lifestyle . Way different from me, its not that I refused to understand but its ridiculous and the way the roll , is extremely irritating and such a waste of time . Maybe they all are going through a hard time too . Its time to learn how to build your faith and live independently.

You cant trust everything you see , its time to choose . To drown or survive .

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