Monday, August 16, 2010


If that is how you define friends , I think you might need a new dictionary dude. That is not what friends mean. If you super duper think that youre so f*ckin knows what it means please make me understand , not verbally , but by action . Youre being fake to yourself and others , God knows how rotten your heart is. Dont pretend that youre so nice and such goodie . Please , I might not know you that well yet, but trust me, I dont want to know you better , because I know youre just another dumbass that I might kill once I knew you .

Look im not gonna waste my time arguing this shit with you , what ever it is, theyre with us first . Could you please learn how to respect others, and if just dont, please dont fuckin cry when people treat you like trash because hello obviously you are one . You let yourself be a trash .

I looked nice but you never wanna try me . You can have you groups of cold blooded creature even if you zillions of them , I dont care because youre nothing but a trash to me . Thanks yaw !

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