Friday, May 14, 2010

Scandal in Old Seoul

I was so into the drama,
I love all the cast,
Welldone, they made it looks real,
the setting, wardrobe and stuff.
Amazing, and the storyline wasnt boring at all.

The heroes and heroine are sooooo cute/handsome/pretty .
Weee :)

This is Kang Ji Hwan , he played as Seonu Wan .
OMG, he's hot isnt he ?

She's Han Ji Min , Na Yeogyong or they called her as Jo Maja.
She has a strong fighting spirit .
She's an Independence fighter/ Girlfriend to Seonu Wan.
Its amazing how she could tame him.

Ryu Jin played a roll as a Japanese police,
Who was a leader to Worry Organization,
an organization to fight the Japanese.

Han Go-eun plays as Cha SongJu ,
A famous and modern gisaeng.
Girlfriend to Yi Suhyeon.

Whooaaa I love the drama so much !

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