Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I am expressing

It feels weird,
and different now,
There's a huge gap in between,
And we're not capable of filling ,
Nothing seems to be right anymore,
I now hate your flaw ,
Part of us had gone,
To a place,
I just cant be sure of,
And couldnt be bother to look for,
I'm looking for a key to unlock my misery,
I shall be free once again,
Isnt it good to be a free person,
Free like the birds,
Like the creatures in the jungle,
I want to run wild,
This same old cage is sickening ,
How I wish to feel the fire we used to shared,
Perhaps the fireman had put it off,
Thats not what I told Santa's little helper ,
I now came to my senses,
We were'nt match and candle,
Or coffee and creamer ,
We're an old candle,
I'm a coffee to a person who likes it best,
Alone .

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