Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Im so random tonite

I'm bored to death now , with nothing to do or to say . Guess I'll just watch tv and blogging . Currently watching the movie Muallaf . It reminds me of an old friend of mine, Johann Yap. He went off to Minnesota, Us for the Exchange Student Programme.

I wanted to apply for it too at the beginning, but the fact that I was too lazy and a few reasonable reason stopped me from applying . But it doesnt matter .

I was on the phone with my ppfffftt! I dont know, its supposed to make me feel good and happy isnt it , but Ive been feeling the opposite way . Theres no fun in it. I find it very stupid to talk about things which isnt important or meaningful AT ALL .

Maybe its the change of heart, and theres no one to blame when it happens . Most probably its time which makes it different .

I've learn to accept the fact, but I just cant do it when she cried. Tiring, it is .

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