Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another random nite

What a funny/stupid blog title. Same like lastnite. Got nothing to post about, but feeling like posting something but was so lazy to post something cool so end up posting something "stew". Me no likey that harsh word . LMAO please. SHERIZA PLEASE LAUGH YOUR ASS OFF !

Is it good, about being so random and out spoken ? Means like I could barely think of it, like think of it like super deeply . Like looking/focussing on this image to get the real image ;

credits to Google.com

Lets figure what the hell that image shows. What I can see is ;

1. A big tree.
2. An image of a human .
3. A lady I think
4. Few blocks of buildings.

Nway that wasnt my point, so lets get this thing straight . HAHAH ROFL . As if I got any point or anything to tell here.

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