Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jum potong rambut

I was thinking of chopping my hair for quite a long time. But I have tooo many hairstyles that I'm dying to try . But if I did cut it off, I wont be able to do the Victoria Secret hairstyle .

This one :

It will takes another year to grow this hair . Because my current hair isnt that long yet.

See for yourself, I barely style my hair. And I have this only three fixed style which I keep on switching due to the length of my hair. Messy curly-do , silky straight [ which almost everybody had ] , and the let it flow style . Weird names. I know, I invented them :D

I know it'll make me look older. But I really wanna have that hair for only 365 days :)

Actually I have few styles in mind, so lets just wait til its long and see how I style it :) HOHOHOBO !

But whatever happens , Im not gonna dye it . Erghh it will caused a pretty terrible damage to my hair. And as for now Imma go and trim it a little , and make it thinner , because its as big as a hive already . CHEERRSS !

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