Thursday, March 4, 2010

singapore !

Went to JB by airasia, thanks dad ! Mommy wanted to visit her old officemates,
and Kak Jia held a majlis cukur jambul for her daughter, and Auntie Mai's son reception. So, its like killing two birds with one stone . LOL
We slept over at Auntie Nona's house. It has been ages since the last time I met her. I couldnt even remember when was it.

So he took us around like everyday, and we ate good food , havin a fuckn good time here. And I barely remember about my hometown. Johor Bahru is definitely a nice place but no place is better than our own home.

Went to Singapore with mommy on monday, by cab. Its pretty fast you know, Its like going to Rapat Setia from Bercham HAHA. Though we have to convert everything by 2.4, the stuff they have over there is still quite cheap if you compare it with the one with have here. It's not sale season yet, but each and every of those shops and boutiques offers you great prices which is so hard to resist.

We dont intend to shop, just wanted to experience how cool Singapore is. Though Malaysia is much cooler, Singapore has it specialty, which definitely makes me feel proud and appreciated.

I was a "Bugis People", my grandfather and grandmother and so do my ancestors were originally from Indonesia, and they were the bugis people.
In Singapore they have this place which were named after the bugis people, they have the Bugis Junction, Bugis Village and Bugis Street.

Singapore isnt all about huge, gigantic, new buildings only, they still mantain those classic and unique old buildings. Plus, there's lots of trees, though they are much smaller than Malaysia. Its such a shame when such a big country like Malaysia is unable to plant and preserve the green thing when w're so much bigger than Singapore.

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