Friday, March 5, 2010

my root

I visited Aunty Lan, mom's schoolmate on my previous trip to Johor Bahru, and her husband, Uncle Hassan, told me that Bugis-blooded people, is full of fire, anger and everything that related to hot-blooded people. HAHA
Is it true ? But from what I can see, its kinda true.
For example, myself, my dad, my siblings and few of my cousins they are such a hard-headed person, hot-tempered and bla bla.

And as I was googling about Bugis, I found this photo of keris which is a "Badik" actually. I have the exact thing in my home. Took it from my grandma's house in Muar, Johor.
Father once told me that the Bugis are well-respected, as we're the warrior of the sea.
LMAO , i know.
But I dont really cae of it at that time, but now I feel so proud of myself and my root :)

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