Monday, February 8, 2010


Went back to Muar, Johor for the weekends. My cousin sister is getting married on the weekend.
Stopped at KL for "few" hours, brother needs to buy his gadgets, and got lost while finding our way to the federal highway from changkat bt. bintang. It was all because of the super stupid Iphone's gps. Super unhelpful, caused zillions of trouble.
Mom found the way out, what a hot day.
Dad got so mad because we reached Muar around 10.
Helped packing the telur pindang, they were put in a very nice and adorable chest box :)
Slept around 2 in the morning and couldnt get up any earlier than 10, haha.
I was freaking tired.
Then I helped mom cutting the bunga rampai while listening to Tok Teh and Auntie Roky's "advices". After friday prayer, there will be the akad nikah ceremony at the masjid nearby the house.
So, after getting myself ready, went to checked on the bride, she looks stunning i must say.
At first i dont want to go to the mosque, was thinking of staying at home.
But I never really attend that ceremony. So I went, and at the end of the ceremony everybody was crying. "Tears of joy", konon. HAHA.
Then head back home, after pampering my baby belly, followed my cousin to the Masjid Sultan Ibrahim by the muara sungai I guess for photography session.
Then homie.
Another sleepless nite, and hello mornin, from hotel straight to highschool.
Damn, my legs all macam nak tercabut.
Super tired, stand dengan heels for almost five hours, walked here and there, kutip the money pplp gave to ibu then bagi bunga telur.
Pack the nasi. Its a javanese culture, bagi nasi bungkus. Wowww, new thing. Good to know.
Then the day ends. the next day, the bridegroom's side. And there it goes, the same event and blah blah.
Then straight to shah alam to drop sister back to her house. Then kl here we come.
Another day, HELLO Curve. Whoaa, bought a something from DEBENHAMS and the worker was freaking handsome GOSHHH CAIR CAIR. haha
Next pit stop, OU. Ermm yeah, went to both places bcs brother wanted to go to the WISMA BENTLEY opposite theCurve.

Back to kg.pandan and dropped cousin sister and Ipoh here we come.


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