Thursday, February 18, 2010

Crying - is it worth it ?

I know its not worth crying over somebody who never care for you, but its really upsetting ?
Is it really annoying or bugging you if someone cares for you ?
I missed you, so much. Missed the old you.
Missed you who I can talk and ask about anything,
You who I can be whatever I wanna be without worry.
You who I can rely on.
You who I can share about my parents.
You who always sing to me.
You who always makes me smile and pissed a little.
You who used to care for me.
You who used to play with me.

Ohh boy, I miss it very much. Mucho mucho miss.
Ive been trying to think positively, but I just cant.
I cant lie to myself when I know the definite fact.
Each song we sang together and for each other means a lot .
I know there's something else lying inside.
Im willing to wait.
I dream of you, like most of the time.

Its not worth it to cry, but I just cant help it

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