Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Today we had a family lunch. So long til the last time we ate together. We went to simpang tiga, with uncle shah, uncle nain and auntie nor and and mom, dad, brother.
I was super full !
But it was an okayy okayy food. We should've went to Koh Samui, much better ~
Then Uncle Nain wanted to make a new glasses and so do Auntie Nor, and so we went to Focus Point, Ipoh Parade. Uncle was so inspired and obsessed over daddy's Jaguar glasses. LMAO !
And I was like "Whassup with this goldies ?" Arent they funny sometimes ? No no, all the times.
Then I promised to see bee, Supposed to fetch me at Auntie Nor's place, but he fetch me at parade and I was pissed because my mom nag at me. Duhhh ! IRRITATING !
Then I asked bee again where is he heading to , then he said IDK, Im just driving around. And that very moment I was craving for BR ice cream ! But suddenly he stopped at the stadium and asked me to drive him around that area. And I was like GEE WHY LAH BEE ? Then he said, thought you haad problems steering the car right, Im giving you a lesson now. So lets change seat. And I did before he scold me :(
Then drove him for few rounds, and home home to my cousins house :(
Before that went to McD, bought a double cheeseburger ! YUMMAYYY !

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