Friday, July 8, 2011

You , me , ke laut .

You , me , we , no talking . 
You , me , we , lost in the sea . 
You , me , we , nobody , stranger . 
You , me , no us , awkwardness . 

It has been a while , no no not a while , a year or so .  So when we was the last time you made me smile ? Back then earlier 2010 when my smile for you is for real . Towards the end of 2010 , it wasnt even a smile . I made it up so you won't feel bad , though you don't feel a thang . I really miss who I thought you were . 

The guy who made me smile without fail , the guy who made me laugh out loud , the guy who made me lost all the words , the guy who would made me say not a word but just smile in the car while you were driving , the guy who were nice to my friends , the guy who fit in with my friends in a blink , the guy who went to the party and party as if its his friend's party , the guy who made me sing my heart out , the guy who never say NO to anything i said , the guy who will sing on my birthday , the guy who made me wants to online every single night , the guy who text me just before he sleep , the guy who crave for McD in the middle of the night , the guy who thought of me when he wants for McD , the guy who once said "Thankyou for having faith in him, Thankyou for everything, Thankyou for staying when everybody leaves, Thankyou for being so honest".

I miss the guy who means the world to me before he left for 
something big in his life . 

I really miss you that I cant stop myself from dreaming about you . 

There's this one night , where I dreamt about the both you , you and chewing gum . But , the main character of the dream was you . You were at my school , for this IU day , like we used to go . There's an explorace , erm more like the confusing garden maze . And we were too busy talking that all of our friends had left us behind . But you told me not to worry , well I wasnt convinced at first , I dont know what charm did you used , but you managed to convince me . I enjoy walking and talking , and its 9pm something . We walked hand in hand , talked about almost everything . Never get tired of listening to you or walking . And like always , our dream will never end the way we want it , the more we want to dream , the shorter the dream will be . I think about an hour after dreaming , mom woke me up . *spoilllll*

And last night dream's , I cant remember it now , but what I know , you held my hand  Hug me tightly to you , and I woke up singing Demi Cinta - Kerispatih with few drops of unpleasant tears . Adoi .

I miss you , I really do . Though I know I'll never get the old you back . 

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