Friday, July 1, 2011

Hello blog


And I'm writing again . My last post was on June 13 . Previous post pretty much desribe how I feel at that time . In fact , Im still missing him . Can't believe , after so long . I still couldnt let it go . 
No , this is not about the one who broke my heart into pieces til there's nothing left . But it's about the one whom I used to know , who went somewhere and never came back . Actually he did , but he's no longer who I thought he is . I bet anybody who had read my blog , sure know about it . And im sure for keep on posting such uninteresting story in my blog . 

Anyway , my result is out on the 7th . So , wish me luck with that . 

And urm , I dont want to blog much about what had happened few weeks ago , because nothing fancy about it . So , I'll just leave it alone . And urm , I'm on Flickr :) Just for fun , Im trying to spread the photos I took . Still in learning process :)

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