Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Something we all know

Im sorry if some of you are irritated with posts . But writting it all is the only way that can make me feel better . I cant help it . I have to let it out , non-verbally . 

I miss him , I really do . I know its pretty stupid because I always advice my friends about moving forward . It's not that Im still in my past , but you know , sometimes , you'll kept remembering , as if it happened yesterday . 

I just want to feel better :) 

And I just want to let the feeling go , even if he was single , even he wants me back , even we both agree on patchin up . We still couldnt do so . 

This somehow made me feel a little matured . I learnt that , eventhough we work hard for something , but if we're nt blessed , we still wont get the best . 

I know that we won't get anywhere , its just a puppy love , but its a mature puppy love . I just missed the way that he made me feel . The terrible-ness the good-ness . I dont have to be someone Im not when Im with him . I dont have to fake it , nt that I always do so . But I dont have to be a little quiet and shy . 

Entahlah , this is boring , just writting it down to feel better . MY own kind of therapy . Goodmorning , and Happy Wesak Day :) 

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