Friday, May 6, 2011

I wish I could freeze the moment .

Most people spent a lot of time at school , so do I . Normally people will stay at school for about 7hours , but I spent more than that . That is why I love my school life a lot . 

I just miss waiting for the bell to ring in the morning , lining up , greeting & huggin my friends while lining up . Smilling to everyone , greeting the teachers , the joy of having to respect and listen to the prefects and class repts . Even money can't buy that happiness . Not forgetting , singing different song each morning , peeping at the back of the court looking at who is caught late . Going in to class a little late than others , trying to be busy before going to class room . Seronok , seriously . Then before the teacher comes in , a short updates with girlfriends , having snacks in class , and also study , ofcourse . Paying attention to every details that the teachers are giving , jotting it down , not forgetting scribbling crushes name , so do carving their name on the table . 

I actually spent most of my time at school by talking , doing notes while talking , singing , joke around , dancing around , walking around and be funny :) 

I used to lepak at that little staircase every morning when I was in Form 3 .

Place where I used to lepak when I was in Form 4-5 , hehe . 

Across is my form 4 class room . 

The 100 ++ years old hall :)

That is my Form 5 classroom , outside of it is where I lepak before going in the class after reccess . 

Where we used to line up every morning :) 

PBSMM marching place , place where I used to march when I was in Form1-2 .

My Form 5 classroom and table I wonder if they have shifted my table . 

And yes , that is where we used to do our crazy dance . 

Not forgetting the toilet , my favourite spot , so do the mirror at the form 4 block . I was a  look-conscious person , so I always have a small mirror and a pocket comb . We will always asked the teacher's permission to go to the toilet and to the mirror ofcourse . Sometimes we would go even when we weren't allowed . We would just run from the back door :) 


Well , that is how I spent my school days , nway that wasn't all , there's whole lot more . Too bad I dont have much photo of that all :) 

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