Friday, April 15, 2011

Comot my not so little kitten

"Saya jumpa sewaktu pulang dari sekolah . Ibu kata , baju yang kotor boleh di cuci , hati yang murni sukar dicari .
                                                                   Petikan dari iklan sabun tempatan . 

The fact is , I found Comot when I bought breakfast by the tasik near my house . There's five of 'em . Seems like somebody had just throw them , they were very tiny . The other four couldn't survive . Comot was the bravest of all . She managed to live . Anyhow , I brought home the five of them , they died at my place . 

Comot is about 3 months now :) 

Comot oh Comot . Nway , Just so you know , I have an uncountable amount of scars on my both hands and legs , because of Comot :'( 

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