Thursday, February 17, 2011

the day I realise that money is something precious

I just have to admit this , I used to think that money is something like water . When you want it , just open the tap , opening the tap means withdrawing yr money from the magic box where you simply gave the box a magic card , press some buttons and there you go , your money is there for you. 

However , my money isn't like that . I used to splurge on expensive items to satisfy my nafsuuu but it was not my money , so I never really care about the price and seriously I rarely ask my mom am I burdening her ? I told you I was a terrible daughter . But that was then , I love money , but I was taught not to bring all my savings or money I have whenever I'm out . Mom taught me to spend wisely , and usually after I get back from the mall , we'll chat . DEFINITELY . And she'll ask me what did I buy , where did I eat , did I spent money on movies or so . She really don't mind actually , but I truly understand her , and  I never think that it is bothering me to tell her . In fact, that theory or psychological way that she uses towards me is effective . 
I'm not afraid of going back home with empty pocket , but it is not that I am afraid that she will interrogate me . I am just afraid that I waste money on unnecessary items . I am pretty calculative , and I admit it . 
I never went shopping without my banker , which is my mother . She was not only my banker , but she's also my personal guider in EVERYTHING . From buying the undies , and the books and everything I need lah . And that is what I like about my mom . 

It's like the "girlfriend" thang you know , and it's sooo cooooool . Okayy back to the story . And so , today I went shopping for the first time with my girlfriends . I was short off money , they lend me some . And I managed to get a nice pretty dreamy dress . I was happy though I was sad at first . I was sad because I was fat , I felt pity for myself , Im getting what I always want since highschool . Is to get fat . I didn't realize that being fat has a lot of disadvantages , from the illness to the looking for the right outfit for you . I shall get back to my topic , will continue the fat issue in another post . 

I was sad because I couldnt find anything in my size from Topshop , Zara , Mng , you name it . I'm not sure if the sizes are getting smaller WORLDWIDE or if it's just me who gets bigger than the rest of the world . Okayy , kinky promise ; for 1 minute in my life , I was thinking of cutting my excess fat into pieces with a razor knife . That is stupid thing to do , seriously. eish back to the money issue . 

Okay I was torn in two . It's either grab that cotton on grey leopardy dress or nichii floral-printed-tube-dress-jumpsuit-look-a-like ? The grey leopardy dress wasn't my favourite , tried it because it is a maxi dress , something I've been looking for . The floral dress ? Good choice , so I tried the maxi dress and wore it with a cardigan , exactly like the one they put on the mannequin . I was quite surprise that I look pretty , because it doesnt make my tummy more obvious than the cotton one . So I was like a fat boy who gets choco . But I was unsure , you know , when you are not used to pick things for yourself , you'll have this uncertainty feelings inside . However , I ended up picking that floral dress over that leopardy dress , but I took the dress alone , without the cardi . I don't like long cardi because I have a big butt , and that cardi didn't help to hide but to make it noticeable . Though I know I can't make my butt goes smaller , but I could use some magic trick to hide it a little . I was already on my way to the cashier til I realized that I didn't update my assistant/banker about my decision . So I call my mother . As usual , she said , anything that you like as long as you won't regret it . And she asked me to describe it with the most simplest word , less dramatic . I tried , and she wasn't amazed with my simple word . But I told her " Dont worry mak , it's very pretty . We'll go look for a cardi soon " . So she said , just get them . And I did. I handover that Rm50 and five Rm10 notes with such terrible feeling inside . It's not because of the dress or the price , it's because the fact that I'm giving that sum of Rm100 away -.-' Silly me . I bought two LaSenza bra for SGD70 , and I dont feel anything . I should regret more or be totally sad with the money lost . Too bad I didn't feel so , infact I feel great -.-' Terrible .

I hand over the money , kept looking at the money while the cashier is trying to put them in their "cage" . What a pleasant feeling :) 

I was so happy to carry my new dress that had been fold nicely and put in a nice bag . And as I got home , mother asked me about the dress I bought . I did not want to show it infront of my sister because she'll say that it's a waste of money . She's always like that . Luckily she was sleeping like a log in my room . I took out the dress from my backpack , and showed mother . 
She was -.-' I do not know how to describe her expression . Kinda shock KOT . She asked me about the theme again , and so I answered with a smile , "It's GLAMMM, mother :)" . Then mom made me realized that I just bought a floral dress which is soooo not glammm . Floral dress is for SPRING , and suddenly I could feel rain pouring down on me, only me . I just bought a wrong dress . SOOO off the theme . My fault , I was toooo SPRING over floral print , bcs of the contest , it was about spring outfit . 

And and so I try it out after shower , and showed my mom . She kinda likes it , but she was a bit worry as you know if bent you can see what's in . My treasure is too preciousssssss . hee hee . 

My thinking bulb is finally working , but not fully . I told mom , maybe I could sell it away , altogether with some other clothes that I don't wear anymore . I have loads of junk back in Ipoh . Okayy , I have this habit of buying all kinds of baju and ends up not wearing them . I have few skirts , blouses , shirts , tees , pants . I never wore them T_T I'm sorry . 

When I told mother about the sad feeling I felt when I hand over the money , she laughed her ass off . She told me that I've grown so much , it's good that I finally realized that spending money is not a happy thing to do , especially when you use cash . I kept calculating how much money do I have now . Trying to be positive , I told myself that this semester is almost over , so I dont need much money . In few weeks more , father will give me my allowance for March . So need not to be worry . 

I felt happy that I managed to decide on my own just now , without my mom with me there . And thank god I found this wonderful girls . They take me to section 13 , then Midvalley , last week was Ikea . I had a great time , today and whenever I'm with them . Even at the mamak having maggi goreng :) 
Thank you , god bless . 


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