Tuesday, January 25, 2011

happy 19th girlfriend !

hello hello , it's mira birthday today . She's old now , I know ! We've been friends for almost 6months now . Awww so happy to have you as my friend and bla bla bla . Anywayy , I wish you all the best , and may god bless you and and good things for you . 

Zara , Linda , Agh Fagh , Fyqa , Amalia , and I went to SACC Mall to give her a little bit of our love . awww so sweet , I know ! So here are the photos . Nway , we tried to give her a surprise birthday party , but too bad it wasnt well planned , but hopefully we did gave her the best present of the year . Nothing much actually , just our time , and cake . Me love you mighaaa OYEAH ! 

P/S: the Abang pizza looks exactly like Fikhree Bakar kan ? So cuteee . 

amalia , slurrrpiiinnn her soup . 

zara and pizzahh

Fikhree Bakar's twins ? told ya . 

The birthday cake ! 

is that a happy face ? 

indulging + wishing . 

*click on the photo for bigger + better image* 

I'm loving each moment I spent with my girlfriends . It's priceless , loveee sheryy . 

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ZaraZakwan said...

i look ohsem with the pizza HAHA