Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the ugly truth/assumption

I dont know if this is real, but it sounds real enough that I dont have to trust my eyes on this . *oh wait , i got this news from my fb inbox . So basically i read it with my eyes . so , err does it means I have to trust my eyes on this as well ?* Okayy whatever it is , I mean , I read about this , thats how i got the news , I didnt saw what happened . GGGRRR  . 

I found out that one of my good friend is gay . To be honest , Im fine with somebody else being gay , but not HIM ! He's my friend and he seems straight enough and nice . On the other hand , the other guy who is expected to be his partner is somehow gay . No doubt . I dont know if I should trust him or the news . The thing is im still waiting for my friends to ask him about this . Well , who would ever want to admit that he's gay , except for that guy who confessed and post the video on . Even I dont know thats for real or if he's just bullshiting around . I dont know . 

I had enough of this homo thing . I dont anti this people but I really dont want to be close to them . Theyre fine , but theyre not my ideal friends , no matter how nice they were . I myself had commit alot of sin , and i dont want to be a part of his sins . Back then in Ipoh , I was always told that this friend of mine *another guy from my town* is gay . Everybody kept telling me that thing . I refused to take it as a fact , but somehow I learnt to believe the rumours . Maybe its true in a way or so . But I trust him , he told me NO . SO I take that NO as a NO ! Means I dont think he's gay . But whenever I got upset with him , I'll accidentally have this thought " HE'S GAY ! Thats why he's bullshitting me. " 

Entah lah , when I was in high school , Im surrounded by homos , theyre everywhere in my school . I could still accept lesbo , but not gay . Because guys are meant to be the women's saviour . Theyre supposed to be strong and protective , but how could he protect a women when he's falling for a guy ? Thats absurd ! 

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