Wednesday, December 22, 2010

today today

Lepas class tadi kan aku terus balik rumah rehat sat , jumpa bapak aku kemudian ambik shinot balik rumah siap siap , kemudian ke RHB , dan seterusnya Usj 21 . Lepas tu we head to Empire Shopping Gallery *smbil nyanyi lagu shopping mall tu* .

Bila mak cakap nak pergi Empire , only one thing came to my mind , WHISK Espresso Bar + Bake Shop , whatever the name is lah . And and it means MACAROONS <3 

I love macaroons like fat boy loves his choco . Photos of me indulging the yummy macaroon will be upload tomorrow . Oh yeah before that , went to Charles & Keith to look up for nice shoes and maybe bag . Main point is shoe . Because I have none . Nothing interesting . Too bad , mom found one killer wedges but not so into it . No aura nor chemistry . 

Then head to Ms.Read , just wanna let sister take a look at the bajus . Then she end up buying 'em . A few of 'em . She's so excited like a 4 y/o kid who had a great birthday bash -.-' Then we're off to Tang to look for shoes . Few awesome shoes but totally not practical . Too high and too killing . So ended up not buying any . 
Then HELLO The Loaf , bought some bread . Then we saw this yao char guai , dont know if I spell it right , I only know how to eat and pronounce , not to spell . And yeah we ate them like mad , so in love with the delicious char guai and oyster porridge and not to be forgotten , the superb soya milk . 

Then off we go to Jaya Grocer , weee :) My favourite store . Bought some of my favourite bread , junk food ofcourse and other foodie stuff . Later on as mom were still at the cashier , I went to Whisk bar bla bla , and get myself some MACAROONS . Damn their tasty , dont know why Im so into 'em . 

Last time I bought , Peanut Butter , and I cant remember , today I tried the BLACKBERRY , Pineapple , Rose , Peanut Butter again , and urk , whats that bluey thing ah , forgot dy :D 

Whatever their colours are , theyre the yummiest tiny roundy thing alive , alive ke ? Whatever . So happy to have 'em . 

Photos is up , tomorrow . 

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