Saturday, December 11, 2010

P s y c h o l o g y

Psychology , yesterday was Psychology lecture . The class was supposed to be a three straight hour class . But our lovely Pn.Uzaimah shorten it . We'll have two Psychology class each week , so one class will be for two hours , and one more will be one hour class . I think its much better that way , as I cant concentrate in a long hour class .

Yesterday was the second lecture , but its my first . Yes I skipped last week's class for Ipoh . Ive never met Pn.Uzaimah , and from her name , I  thought she's old and urm typical malay lecturer . But she's nothing close to that . She's a modern lady who just gave birth and dressed modernly, driving a Toyota wearing LV . Okayy basically she's fine , just like the other lecturers . Enough with her appearance and all .

Im starting to like Psychology . It seems , F U N . Got out first assignment already . In fact , there's TWO assignment . One is individual assignment , another is group assignment . The individual assignments is writing a report on a subtopic in the text book , Understanding Psychology . The second assignment is to produce a short film/clips about highlight of the year 2010 . That sounds easy , so many things happened this year . BUT , it has to include dead people issue . So , for now , we thought of doing something about 10.10.10 . But we havent finalise it yet , still in the process of researching .

Perhaps will get that issue done by this week , so that we could proceed with the next step . And yeah , we gotta submit the video before January 21 . Week after midterm break , but they said , it has to be much earlier . I dont know . Hopefully we'll do a good job :)

And another thing , Im looking for the book . Mdm told us that the text book is quite expensive and perhaps we could find a second hand book from Semester 5 seniors .

We're also done with the first chapterr . YEAYYY . So few more chapters to go . I just can't wait to finish my Diploma , graduate and then proceed with my Degree , and then get a job , but if I excel and get the chance to do my master or maybe PhD .

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