Thursday, December 9, 2010

New Year

Selasa lepas merupakan hari tahun baru bagi kalendar Islam , dan wilayah cuti . Jadi , my uncle had asked us to come over for lunch . And here we comeeeee :)

Lets not talk about the food , or I'll start to feel terribly hungry . Everything is tasty everything is fantastic . The most important thing is I had a real good time . Nway , Uncle's apartment is fabulous . It is everything we need . The rent isnt bad at all . Unlike the one we're renting now in Shah Alam . This Pantai Hillpark Phase 2 , is definitely a good place to stay . The view is spectacular , the breeze is awesome . Everything is perfect about that apartment . There's pool , gym , library , almost everything .

Eish mommy , lets move to Pantai Hillpark , doesnt matter what phase , they are all the same . Incredibly awesome . And I met Khaleeja . Basically its more to bumped into , but not quite because she doesnt see me . But I did , she was in the car and I was passing by .

Too bad that little Husna isnt in her good mood . She's getting her baby tooth . So , she's freaking moody , just cant stop crying . She doesnt want mommy too , surprisingly . But she likes Mr.Canon so much . She smiles almost everytime she sees him :) LOL

As usual , here are some photos of the view and us :)

* esok lah upload . not in the mood dah -.-' * 

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