Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mike Posner ?

Tiba tiba teringat lagu tu . Hurmm , baby please dont go .  When I start to think , calmly ofcourse . I think I might need to change my favourite song Please Dont Go by Mike Posner . Please Dont Go to Please Just Go . I shouldve know that things could never work out even he says so . Even if he says just hang on . It just wont work out . He is a guy , who is easy to get influence. So yeah , they influenced him . And the environment arounds him let him change so he could adapt himself . So he could live in it .

Am I being to selfish ? I mean I know him well . He dont have much friends , Hurm , I am I guess . And I was busy thinking of not thinking of him all the time . Trying to mingle around and just be myself . I didnt really think of him . Hurm what a selfish thing to do . I think Im just going to let things go now .

What mom says is kinda true . What if i changed my heart suddenly , after both of us waited for so long . What if he changes he's heart after meeting new people at college . What if the family doesnt like me . Well my mom do like him , but my mom doesnt really like the family . And as a mom , my mom doesnt want me to be like his sisters . My mom knows that we can go further together . *i wonder why* , She doesnt want people to misjudged me when they see the sisters . But he is really different . He's no ordinary guy . He's my sweetest drug , my favourite one . He never ever break my heart like so bad , he never hurt my feelings , he never says something bad to me , he likes me the way I am , he never asked me to change . Never ever did anything bad .

Dengar kan Please Dont Go - Mike Posner . Baby , I got to let you go in order to survive . So that I wont be fucked up and sucked by my terrible and miserable life . I dont want to be miserable anymore . I just want to live in peace , but I made the wrong choices like all the time . I just want to make things right for me . Maybe I should just continue living and study harder and I'll find somebody better than baby . Maybe baby will be the one , maybe its not now . Maybe once baby gets better , more matured and everything is right for us , kan b ?  I'll be as positive as I could . 

Thank you for everything , for making me smile , for making me sad , for making me cry , for making me feels like a human and not robot , for making me the luckiest girl , for making me the first , for letting me be close to you , for letting me know that youre happy with me . For everything . 


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