Saturday, November 27, 2010

The longest tagged by Eyqa

Salam semua (;

Selamat menjawab tag yang panjang ni . 

 put your music library on shuffle
 for each question press the next button to get your answer
 you must write the song title as the answer to the question , no matter how silly it sound :P
 when u done , tag it to 20 person


if sumone says ' is this ok? ' u say ?
Worry about you - 2am club 

how would you describe yourself ?
Ruang kedua - Marsha ft Julian

what do you like in a guy / girl ?
Each tears - Mary J.Blige 

how do you feel today ?
Nothin on You - B.O.B ft Bruno Mars 

what is your life's purpose ?
Bulletproof - La Roux

what's your motto ?
Tanpa - 6ixth Sense 

what do your friends think of you ?
Erase Me - Kid Cudi 

what do you think of your parents ?
All The Right Moves - One Republic 

what do you think about very often ?
Kurnia - MizzNina ft Noh Salleh 

what is 2 + 2 ?
Hakikat Cinta & Hujan Lagi Hati Ini - Dayang Nurfaizah 

what do you think about your bestfriend(s) ?
Whattaya want from me - Adam Lambert 

what do you think of the person you like ?
Baby By Me - 50cent ft Ne-Yo

what is your life story?
The Way I Feel - Paul Oakenfold ft One Republic

what do you want to be when you grow up ?
Hold you - Streetz ft Nicki Minaj , Gyptian & Lady Saw 

what do you think of when you see the person you like ?
Morning After Dark - Timbaland ft SoShy .

what will you dance at your wedding ?
New Classic - Drew Seeley ft Selena Gomez 

what will they play in your funeral ?
Your love - Nicki Minaj -.-' 

what is your biggest fear ?
I like it - Enrique Iglesias ft Pittbull *remix* 

what is your biggest secret ?
Invisible - Clay Aiken 

what will you post this as ?
Gimme the light - 2pm 

20 person ?

♪ Linda  ♪ Zara 
♪ Hapih  Mira Adnan ♪ Eyqa 
♪ Jien ♪ Fari 

Feel free to post this to your blog . 

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