Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dream dream dream

* The Everly Brothers - All I Have To Do is Dream *

Nak kata aku terfikir sangat , tak lah . Nak kata rindu sangat , agak lah . Nak kata benci , entah lah .
Tapi dah entah kenapa termimpi kan dia dan rakan rakan dia . Okayy mimpi dia dan rakan dia tu takpe lagi . Still normal . Yang abnormal nya ialah dia sleepover rumah aku dan bapak aku bagi . Bapak aku tak marah . As if my dad's brain had just been washed . Dont he remembered what had happened to us ?

Entah lah . Sometimes I can feel that maybe its our destiny to be together . Maybe not now , some other day . When we both have a job , and everythng is 99% complete . Maybe by having each other would complete our life . I dont know if i want to live with people like him . But who the hell knows about it , Only God knows . We , human being can never predict/know .

I know its too soon to think about my another half . But , no matter how bad we hate each other , or turn our head around , we'll get back together , soberly . LOL .

I liked him , but I find that he's still living his old life and attitude . Maybe he'll change once he gets older . Hopefully . But , I dont hope to stay with him for the rest of my life . Hopefully I'll meet someone new . Someone better . Someone who could change me , let me be me , but better me .

May all my prayers come true . May god bless me . May I live a good life today , tomorrow , toyears .

Amin :) 

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