Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bagan lalang sangat lalanggg.

Semalam we all went to Bagan Lalang , last minute plan -.-' My sister bosan sangat , gatal nak jalan . So I said why dont we go to Bagan Lalang , mom can go to Aunt Sae's place . And we can go to the beach . And so we went there . It was a longggggg journey , most probably because we never went there , so we have to idea how far it is , and its location . And we barely did a research on it . We packed few clothes too . Konon nak sleep over dekat nearest chalet or hotel .

It tooks us about 1hour plus to get there . Thanks to Mr.Garmin for the direction . And then we went directly to the beach and check out the hotel and chalet . First we went to Seri Malaysia , the price was quite okayy . Then we head to Golden Palm Spring blahh blahh . Damn expensive weh . So , we didnt check in there . We decided to go to Aunt Sae's place first . And we got lost T_T

Then her husband came for us as we waited for him some where near their house . And so we reached the destination . Then we had our lunch , Aunt Sae made Chicken Rice . Yummm :)

Then we chat , and chat . And I and sis got so sleepy . Waited for mom chatting for hours -.-' sigh .

Lastly we had tea time . And it was quite late if we want to go to the beach without sleeping over . Sis wanted to sleepover , but mom didnt really want to . so we didnt . I wasnt mad or anything . hurmm amazing . Was feeling neutral again . So technically we went back to Shah Alam with the Bagan Lalang's beachy feeling as we didnt have the chance to make friends with the sunny sun and breezy beach .

It was a long journey , still . Feelin tired , though Im just a co-pilot . Well I took alot of photos , but am too lazy to upload it . Will do it tomorrow :D

Andddddd at nite we went out for dinner , at Night Circle , Seksyen 11. Never been there before . But I drove the car lastnight . And the food was fantastic ! Simple but delishh <3

Fantasatayy :) 

Sotong kering goreng . 

Half telur masin . 

Ayam masak kicap .

Sawi ikan masin . 


Nasi Goreng Kampung .

This is place is famous for its NASI AIR , which is actually porridge . The plain one eaten with variety of side dishes . You can choose from any seafood available to vege , according to your tastebud . Cooked the way you want it .

So we had NASI AIR , Nasi Goreng Kampung and few cucuk of superb satay <3

And it taste amazing . And it made my day straight away :)

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