Thursday, October 28, 2010

Seperti biasa

Masalah aku seperti biasa lah , terlalu baik hati dan mudah terjatuh dan payah untuk bangun . Masih lagi tergantung , walaupun semua orang sudah meneruskan kehidupan seperti sediakala. To whom it may concern , I miss you beladi much . I miss those days when we were together and I must say that you make me feel different and worth living . I love the way you make me tuck into my bed , the way you make me appreciate myself , make me learn to push my ego away.

I dont know if you realize this , but Im hurt . I know ho much you love hr , but you do know how much i love us . How you meant to me , and I believe Im not alone in this , If I were , then why do you bother to tell me the truth ? Explaining things you shouldnt explain .

What had happened to us ? Im broken , but you , I cant tell . Because the look that you have now tells me that you cant never be any happier than this , with her . Idk , Im confused .

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