Saturday, October 23, 2010


For the past few days Ive been wasting my time watching ASMARA on tonton :)

It is about a guy , who named Asmara . He was forced to marry a girl named Zaliya , to help his father who had owed Zaliya's father a life&death favour . Zaliya was forced to marry Asmara because she got pregnant , her boyfriend's child but the boy didnt want to be responsible for what had happened to Zaliya and Zaliya's father ad a rival with Razif, Zaliya's boyfriend .

So basically thats how the story started . The worst thing is , Asmara himself had a "girlfriend" already, they didnt really declare anything but they do have feelings for each other . After marrying Zaliya, Asmara had to leave Melati, his " girlfriend " . He wasnt happy AT ALL , teehees :D

Asmara & Melati

Asmara trying to win Melati's heart

Sweet huh ?

Asmara trying to be friends with Melati

Melati cried after Asmara told her that he is now married to Zaliya .

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