Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sorry sorry

Im really sorry for not updating . Been "busy" . So many things to do,
and as always so little time to do . Hurm , so nothing really big happens this few days .

Except for last Monday. All of us [ Mira , Biyin , Fahmi , Idris , Saiyuti , Elleyza and I ]
went to Sunway Pyramid . And Idris asked me to drive his car . Actually the wanted to head to Bukit Tinggi , but Going to Bukit Tinggi almost everyweek , is sooo not what Im looking for .
Last week itself , I went to Bukit Tinggi twice I thnk , then the two weeks before also. I guess I went everyweek .

And so Sunway Pyramid , here we come . Since Idris and the rest in the car doesnt know how to get there, Idris asked me to drive his car . And he's not driving his Volvo that day . He drove his Toyota Hilux. Dont know which one is Hilux.

This is Toyota Hilux , its the very same colour . Thank God its Auto :D

And yeah , the reason why we went to Sunway is because , firstly , Intro to Masscomm class is canceled, Secondly , Idris wanted to buy gift for his sister . And so , he bought the present at ToyCity , a monkey . HAHA what a wonderful brother .

And then he wanted to buy himself a wallet, so he bought himself a wallet from Tropicana Life . Then Biyin wants to go Ice Skating , and so we all went down to the Ice skating rink , And Biyin played alone , because its freaking expensive so we decided not to play . It cost RM29 , the price includes socks and glove, but since he already wore a socks , the price is lesser few bux.
He was so eager ! Freaking eager ! He didnt have any knowledge about ice skating. Then he got himself two SiFu . The Benggali siblings , they were around 4-5 years old. They taught him few times, but it was harder than he thought it would be. And so , he tried to do it alone for an hour til he finally gave up .

Biyin posing with his SIFU :) Sorry , was too lazy to go near him , and was too tired to snap it properly :D

And thats how I spent my Monday . Awesome huh ? Pretty awesome !

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