Saturday, September 11, 2010

The guy who ...

He is the guy who stole my heart , who breaks my heart , who makes me melt, whom I fall for , who shows me what life is all about , who makes me love myself more , who taught me how to love others and what its like to be loved. He taught me all the good things in life , and he also taught me how to be afraid of others and open my heart to others . I'm a paranoid , because of him . Everything that happened to me now is all because of him .

He broke my heart, he makes me want him more and more which I totally hate . He creates problem and leavin me in misery . I miss him , every single day , And i just cant do anything about it . I want him now , but I just learnt a tormenting fact . He cheated on me again , for I dont know how many times . But he did it again and again without failed . He lied , told me that he was absofuckinly single . But the fact is he just broke up with my godsister . ITs an ugly fact . I dont want to believe it .

What have I done til I deserve this kinda pain ? Feels like asking him for an explanation .

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