Friday, August 20, 2010


Have you guys check out the vibram five fingers rubber shoes . It is specially made for athletes and it is for those who loves to run . It does look a lil bit ugly and weird , but heyy , Matthew McConaughey wore it dude . It must be cool . Despite the "i-dont-want-to-describe" product, the celebs love 'em , they must be really comfit . It cost 129, 00 EURO . Can you imagine ?

Sorry , havent include the photos of the shoes at first . Here you go :)

Would you wear Vibram Five Fingers ?

It is told that the current modern running shoes were to blame for injuries . Running without shoes can improve your body balance and strengthen your ankle, feet and lower legs .

For more info , read up Baring It All : The Barefoot Running Trend on YAHOO! .

Have a nice day everyone :)


Nor Leesa said...

Haha, i geli lah tengok kasut tu. :D Hahaha, tapi someday i nak beli jugak buat sport shoe. heheheh

blacksheep said...

HAHAHA taw tkpe, mcm kaki king kong hahaha . Tpi best selesa