Monday, July 12, 2010

Lelaki oh lelaki ,

Well guys can say whatever they want in anyways. Sometimes I wonder do they have feelings ? I mean for real , they seems to be sooooo, immortal . And I wonder why cant they try to put themselves in our shoes ? They are being selfish and self-centered, most of the times.

They cheat on us, toy with our heart, they do whatever they want and could. Maybe it is cause by the "macho-ness" and "ego-ness" in them. It hurts to be hurt by a guy , to be controlled. The worst thing is to be in love with them , the worst thing ever . They are sweet and honey-er than ever, but it is definitely at the begining. Im not a gender-ist, but I am one at times. Its just I wished things could change. I cant bear the pain , though I dont feel it much , but seeing the women gets hurt by them , its just so painful.

*ive lost my idea for now, might continue it some other time*

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