Monday, July 5, 2010

Bicara hati

Ive never felt this way for quite a long time . Its nothing actually, but sometimes , I let my heart wins . Im not good at handling goodbyes, heartbreak or anything hurtful . I pretend to be strong , so that nobody will be sad or maybe thinks that Im pathetic , I hate it badly .

I just wished that when I moved here , everything would be different , but I guess it became a little bit worst . Im not that happy , not as I potrayed it with my smile and giggles. Deep down inside I miss Ipoh , and my Ipohmates badly. I was born to loved Ipoh madly I guess.

Im down again now , caused of a guy , not sure if its "a" . Doesnt matter , Im not happy because of another thing now . The size issue . Its nothing big to others, but it is to me . I still dont get the reason why size matters people the most , Its just a figure and a shape . It has nothing to do with your heart and brain. Whats the point of having a nice body figure but zero brain ? Everything will agree with me for that , but in the end of the day , they worship the skinny ass .

This does not go for guys only , the girls are being very particular over friends with plus size . Why ? Isnt it a sad thing ? Youre descriminating people just because of the double alphabets they wore . The society had changed a lot. Changed into a monstery life , an unnecessary changes. As a human being and a person who wore double alphabets clothing , Im horribly sad . Sad and embarassed. Embarassed with the way of life and thinking of my generation, who would do whatever it takes to be whatever they want .

*there's no conclusion or ending for this post. Might post another version of this some other day :B

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